Premier Online Smoke Shop – Everything You Need For Your Sesh

Premier Online Smoke Shop is a one-stop shop for all of your smoking needs. From vaporizers to cigars, this smoke shop has everything you need for your next sesh.

When selecting a smoke shop, it’s important to consider the customer service and selection of products. Look for a shop with knowledgeable employees who are happy to help you.

Heady Glass

Heady glass is a term used to describe high-quality artistic bongs and dab rigs handmade by a glass artist. These one-of-a-kind pieces are not only impressive to look at, but they also offer a higher smoking experience due to their detailed craftsmanship.

Typically, heady glass uses colorful and eye-catching designs in a variety of shapes, including psychedelic patterns, linework, and pictures. It can also be shaped to look like animals, vehicles, and other everyday items.


Torches are flaming sticks with a flame on one end and can be used for lighting. They are a symbol of life, hope, and enlightenment and are commonly used in processions. They also serve as a light source for police and emergency service professionals.

They are also used by jugglers to make fire breathing shows. They can also be used for culinary purposes like caramelizing the top of creme brulee or making a torch light display.

Quartz Nails

Quartz nails are a great way to enhance your dabbing experience. They are available in a variety of styles and shapes that will all impact the vaporization process. The nail is essentially what you slide into the male joint on your dab rig to vaporize concentrates. They also come in a range of genders and joint sizes so you can choose the one that fits your rig the best.


Dabs are a potent, fast-acting way to experience high-THC extracts. Unlike flower, dabbing is free of combustion, allowing for smooth, flavorful hits with minimal smoke and ash.

For dabbing, you need a dab rig, a quartz banger or nail (think of it as your bowl piece) and a torch. A dabber is also needed to transfer your cannabis concentrate onto the hot nail, and there are different types of dabbers that work better for various types of concentrates.


There are different types of weed smoking accessories that can be purchased online. Some are meant to be paired with specific devices like dab tools that go with electronic dab rigs, while others are used in multiple methods of smoking including pipes and vapes.

From Rick and Morty glass to silicone bongs that double as coffee mugs, Kulture has a huge selection of stoner accessories. They also carry hard hitting glass, rolling papers, detox products and more!